Every aspect of our existence has been riddled with expectations. Be it high or low or reachable, we all have expectations. Some call them goals, others call them assumptions but we all have them.

These goals/assumptions/expectations have a symptom that has affected me greatly.

Romanticism. I mean like the verb ‘romanticize’ which refers to idealizing something to a point where it becomes unrealistic and subsequently unattainable. The idea of something can at times be more powerful then the original source material.


When I started this hobby/career/aspiration of becoming an artist I had all these ideas in my head of beautiful things that I would draw. And even though finding the idea is half the struggle, you gotta be able to draw, first off. Recently my artistic limitations led me to lose sense of perspective and ultimately the motivation to draw. It felt like such a curse to have all these amazing ideas in my head and not have the artistic ability to draw them. Sitting down to draw became such a personal disappointment. UHICANDRAWEvery time I put the pencil to paper I just pleaded with myself to draw better and improve so I could suppress my limitations and draw as freely as I used to imagine I could. Alas, teaching myself grew tedious and my expectations for the level of skill I expected to attain at this point in my artistic career seemed so far and impossible. I always found myself thinking, “WOW. You’ve been drawing seriously for two years now, WHY CAN’T YOU DRAW BETTER THAN THAT 9 YEAR OLD ON DEVIANTART?”

REAAACHComing back now from my little break, I’ve realized, THE IDEAS DON’T STOP. Wether or not I felt like drawing or not the ideas would continue to stream into my brain until I finally put something to paper, anything. At first it was frustrating like an adorable little kid wanting to play with you but YOU GOTTA DO DUMB TAX RETURNS (note: I’m too young to do tax returns but it doesn’t sound better than an adorable kid). There was times where I really didn’t want to draw because I knew if I did I would feel really bad again but this C O N S T A N T stream of ideas and things got me used to feeling the disappointment because my main goal was to capture something amazing rather than worry if someone would like what I created.

So yeah. I’m back and I’ve gained new perspective on things. I’m ready to draw again for all you lovely people.

Thanks for being so great and patient with me!


Let’s Talk

Alright, so I’m gonna be real with you guys.
Lately I’ve been kinda lacking in inspiration and drawing has kind of become a chore for me which, I’ve gotta say is an awful feeling–

so I’m calling for a hiatus.

No worries! Hopefully not too long just a little break from drawing and creating characters and writing comic stuff and all that and probably social media too. I’m not sure when I’ll be back, for now I’m estimating a few weeks. This break will also effect Creatively Strange so yeah.

I’m hoping this little break will give me a fresh new perspective and maybe BRAND NEW ideas!
I’ll be back and better than ever, see you guys soon and I’ll leave you with some things to keep you busy because, let’s be honest, I’ll be a devastating loss to your weekly dosage of CRAZY TOWN.

Cute little comic created completely with pencil: EXOCOMICS

And a comic about video games…and cats: GaMERCaT

Thank you so much for all the support. Bye for now!


Doodles from Across the Ocean

Man, has summer changed my perspective on time and said passage of time.
2 days ago felt like an hour and I’m a little late now in posting this. Sorry!
This is kind of unprofessional and unacceptable..but there’s stuff to do and things to say so let’s get to it!

While in Germany I brought my handy new sketchbook (given to me for my birthday by an awesome friend). Since I was pretty much starting from new (new sketchbook new ME!) And I had this new idea stuck in my head I HAD to get down on paper.

For a while now I’ve had this idea faintly inviting itself back into my mind. From a movie I watched as a child (I don’t even remember the title, but hopefully someone else will remember!) where the main character seeks to discover where their long lost parent is and (spoiler, maybe?) finds this journal or illustrations of creatures that seem fictional until the main character begins to see the creatures as well and Happily Ever After! (I think, obviously the details are really fuzzy). The only thing I cared about was that sketch book filled with whimsical species that were so beautiful and spectacular in their own way I was inspired to create something similar.

Check out Creatively Strange an encyclopedia about the world unseen.

Of course I drew many other things. Are you READY?

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Everyday is Illustration Friday

Annnnnnd we’re back!

Germany was such an adventure! I had so much fun and it’s great to be in America and all that…but I really wanna go back.
No worries, this isn’t a travel blog, I won’t bore you with the details and blurry pictures soaked in colored filters but TLDR: I became really really good friends with my exchange partner and I miss her and her family and Germany is so old and beautiful and real. Also DEUTSCHLAND IST WELTMEISTER, and I was there in Germany to witness it with my eyes and scream and cheer and parade around town, sooo yeah, I guess you can be jealous.

Since I was gone I didn’t really have the time (or resources) to do the weekly Illustration Friday drawings I usually do, so to warm up my tablet and flex the old creative muscle (even though that area of the brain isn’t a muscle) I did all the ones I missed!

Fragile IF

Topic: Fragile

Beard IF

Topic: Beard

invisible IF

Topic: Invisible

summer IF

Topic: Summer

Sorry about this post is late but hopefully I’ll see you back here next week!