Doodles from Across the Ocean

Man, has summer changed my perspective on time and said passage of time.
2 days ago felt like an hour and I’m a little late now in posting this. Sorry!
This is kind of unprofessional and unacceptable..but there’s stuff to do and things to say so let’s get to it!

While in Germany I brought my handy new sketchbook (given to me for my birthday by an awesome friend). Since I was pretty much starting from new (new sketchbook new ME!) And I had this new idea stuck in my head I HAD to get down on paper.

For a while now I’ve had this idea faintly inviting itself back into my mind. From a movie I watched as a child (I don’t even remember the title, but hopefully someone else will remember!) where the main character seeks to discover where their long lost parent is and (spoiler, maybe?) finds this journal or illustrations of creatures that seem fictional until the main character begins to see the creatures as well and Happily Ever After! (I think, obviously the details are really fuzzy). The only thing I cared about was that sketch book filled with whimsical species that were so beautiful and spectacular in their own way I was inspired to create something similar.

Check out Creatively Strange an encyclopedia about the world unseen.

Of course I drew many other things. Are you READY?

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Everyday is Illustration Friday

Annnnnnd we’re back!

Germany was such an adventure! I had so much fun and it’s great to be in America and all that…but I really wanna go back.
No worries, this isn’t a travel blog, I won’t bore you with the details and blurry pictures soaked in colored filters but TLDR: I became really really good friends with my exchange partner and I miss her and her family and Germany is so old and beautiful and real. Also DEUTSCHLAND IST WELTMEISTER, and I was there in Germany to witness it with my eyes and scream and cheer and parade around town, sooo yeah, I guess you can be jealous.

Since I was gone I didn’t really have the time (or resources) to do the weekly Illustration Friday drawings I usually do, so to warm up my tablet and flex the old creative muscle (even though that area of the brain isn’t a muscle) I did all the ones I missed!

Fragile IF

Topic: Fragile

Beard IF

Topic: Beard

invisible IF

Topic: Invisible

summer IF

Topic: Summer

Sorry about this post is late but hopefully I’ll see you back here next week!

Prose: My New(er) Medium

In drawing and visual art there is a way to create an image or world or just create something, same with prose and written art.

Today I bring you something a little less conventional than my usual stuff, but since my blog consists of words and visual art this post will at least be half conventional. (right? Logic!) At this moment I’m co-creating the story (and a bit of art) for a comic series that will be starting in a few months, or weeks. I’m not sure, but I won’t reveal all that many details if something changes or the comic falls through.

It’s been a while since I’ve written and a really long time since I’ve written anything as long as this story, and we’re not even done with the initial chapter! My oldest memories of writing a long story or a comic were when I was pretty young and both endeavors did not turn up with wonderful results.

The ‘long’ story was a book with three chapters about a ninja, spy, girl going on adventures and traveling the world. Each chapter focused on one of those aspects of her life (including girl, her life as a normal school girl). The story was very jumpy, with very few and confusing details, reading it now. I remember creating the story in my head. The ideas were so vivid and the characters seemed so real, as if somewhere out there lived a girl who was also a spy and occasionally dabbled in a ninja-themed pass-time while also enjoying life as a normal kid. I even believed I could even aspire to become the hero of the stories I created, the girl who became a ninja/spy/regular girl.

In my very first comic I developed the series as I went, meaning no written plot, story, or script I just drew wherever my brain took me.
The comic actually did feature me as the main protagonist (labeled as a hero, I’m not sure, some of the actions my character makes wouldn’t specifically classify my 7-year-old me as a hero). It was a series with about 10 chapters (I stopped writing it because I wrote myself into a wall, exactly why you should make a plan before you start drawing), each chapter introduced one of my friends from elementary school as another member of my team…my spy team (that was kinda embarrassing).

I blame my childhood obsession with spies on the Alex Rider series (CURSE YOU ANTHONY HOROWITZ). I read every book as a kid and was completely engrossed with Alex and all the dimensional enemies (whoa, villains have feelings too?!)

All these little stories of my past come around to say one thing: I’m not very experienced in writing. I mean, of course I’ve been educated in high school level English grammar and writing essays about irrelevant books from the past, and I’ve published a few poems and a story but I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying that I’m experienced in writing especially for a comic series. This will be a first time thing and to be completely honest I’m scared and excited. After reading half of the Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (the friend I lent the series from lost their first half) I was so inspired and so excited to make something as important (to me) and well written and just all around amazing as that series I sought out a way to create something half as amazing.

Now I am so eager to take readers to a whole new world and get sucked into the universe, story, and all the wonderful cast of characters that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know through reading and experiencing life.

You can visit: for more info and updates on the comic.