MMW: [Kill the DJ]

This is kinda a different kind of “Mark My Words,” in which I took a screenshot of a music video: Kill the DJ by FEMM and traced it and focused on my shading and line work! This was a really interesting process that took may more time and detail than I expected but it was an experience I’m glad I took the time to explore.

original screenshot (in video 0:44-0:45)
initial line work

Go check out FEMM, their a really awesome and empowering band that has really influenced me creatively.

Once again, the original screen shot does not belong to me nor does the music video or the people depicted in my illustration or the song!


MMW: [Chit Chat] by Hannah Georgas

chitchatWelcome to the 3rd installment of Mark My Words a series in which I chose song lyrics to illustrate into a short cartoon.

This week’s song lyric of choice came from Hannah Georgas’ “Chit Chat.”
Once again this song and lyrics belongs to Hannah Georgas, the only thing I own is my illustrations!


MMW: [Diamond Mine] by Hop Along


once again I don’t own this song but I do own the illustrations! The song is only one verse of the song Diamond Mine by this really cool band Hop Along, support their music and their sweet sounds!

Open When…

I’ve never been all that great at handling stress. Maybe it’s because high school is sort of the bridge from childhood to adulthood which yields more responsibility which in turn causes more stress. Whatever the real cause(s) might be the point is: Sometimes I’m really bad at just feeling ok.

I’m pretty open about this point with my friends, I mean it’s a pretty natural conversation that comes up at my school. A brief conversation about homework always escalates to class averages, college, the future, success, etc. And what can you do when that type of mentality is impounded into your brain every day by your teachers, peers, and parents? I guess the best answer is that you just sort of deal with it the best way you can, at least that was the only way I knew how to deal with it all.


One day my friend introduced me to a more constructive and beneficial way to deal with things. He handed me a folded up note and on the front flap she wrote “open when stressed” inside a big heart. he instructed me not to open it at that moment and to wait until I really did feel stressed and that’s exactly what I did. I kept the note in a safe place and just went about my life. Then one day, one unforgiving spiral of bad attitudes, bad grades, and a horrendous mountain of homework kind of day hit me and I started to feel it all weigh down on me at once. In a frenzy of sulking and self-pity I remembered her note and hesitantly opened it..


Instantly I felt a sensation of giggly joy and happiness wash over me. If my life was animated, that moment would probably be highlighted by rainbows and confetti and a whole bunch of smiles.


I challenge all of you to make some “Open When…” notes for some of the people in your life because there are times when we all just need someone or something to pick you back up and let you know that you’re not alone and that you are loved.And even if the notes don’t fix all their problems just the thought can offer cheery thoughts


  1. Try exchanging notes: It’ll add a more genuine addition to the activity
  2. Don’t over think it: just doodle/write from the heart
  3. Simple doodles can do the trick!
  4. Be genuine

Thank you all so much for sticking with me and watching me grow as an artist and as a person! Every like, comment, share are all amazing and I’m so grateful for your support, Thank you!!

MMW: [I am a Heart] by Hey Ocean!

Welcome to the first installment of “Mark My Words” or MMW: a creative activity in which I illustrate a song in a sort of photo journalistic story way. This will be an experimental exercise in my illustrative ability while also flexing my artistic muscles during this creative block.

I Am a Heart by Hey Ocean!


This song belongs to the lovely people that make Hey Ocean! I don’t own the lyrics or the song. I only own the illustrations!!

Hey also check out Aaron/Davy! He’s a really rad artist and writer and I highly recommend checking out their stuff and giving him a follow :D (just so you know the hyperlink in this sentence all go to the same thing)