Perfect in the Making

Have you ever had that moment when you’re drawing or sketching something and you accidentally draw a very specific part too perfectly? I do, and when it happens my brain gets fixated on that perfect part and I start think to myself..I’ll never be able to draw this well ever again I’m on thedeclineatthe ageofseventeenoh godi’vebarelystarted adultlifeandi’vealready–and it spirals until I just get so fed up I erase what my brain has categorized as perfection and I force myself to erase or restart or take a step back and evaluate the drawing as a whole.

“Perfection in art” is a paradox in its own right since we all evaluate art differently from person to person. SO I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you ever get stuck while drawing or you’re having one of those…wow-gee-remember-when-I-could-draw days just remember that perfection in art is most definitely attainable but you have to take a couple steps back to really truly see your art for the holistic experience that it is.

Caught Between Panels

It’s pretty fun to capture scenes and events in little boxes. I like the way it looks and the message that is conveyed by the simple shapes and that they provide.

So I’ve been thinking and writing and dreaming and drawing and writing some more about a comic series that have been stuck in my head for weeks.


A complete revamp of my Space Unicorn series:

solis banner
I sort of quit writing and planning adventures for them since I ran out of ideas; My initial premise in the creation of the comic was severely flawed (and still is) in that I didn’t build up the world or the characters enough to understand the types of adventures they would have and how they would respond to situations appropriately. When I first wrote Space Unicorn comics both Space Unicorn and Solis’ voices lacked character since in my head they lacked character. But, now with the revamp I’ve been taking a couple months off the project and I feel that I’m coming at it now with a new vision that I hope will push this project from my head to the page to you all, my wonderful readers.

Along with the redesign of the familiar series, I’ve been thinking about a complete shift in gears. Finally I’ve decided that I will start posting that series on this wonderful website designed specifically for web comics:
Why this new publishing service? Why not stick to wordpress?
Well, first of all wordpress is lovely but I feel like the two mediums don’t mess super well. WordPress is more for articles and blog posts that are chalk-full of words and prose while tapastic is more for art and comics.

No worries though! I’ll still keep up with (somewhat) regular weekly posts here on wordpress while maintaining a (somewhat) regular posting schedule on tapastic.


I just really want you guys to know I’m willing to work really hard for you guys as I have for the past few years because you guys are the most amazing and supportive followers I’ve got! Please look forward to a brand new and exciting series over at: and more from me here in word form.

Have a beautiful day and I hope that you learn something amazing about yourself.

Mother’s Day Suprise

Today is mother’s day and I’ve been plagued with the four-day flu…


It’s been sucky and gross but I finally managed enough energy to make my mom something special.

I spent a few minutes lying on the floor brainstorming more ideas in a fevered haze of yelling to myself and intermittently  laughing at nothing.
Finally I came up with this:

My dog inside a vase with a flower in her mouth!

I’m not very practiced with painting so my original idea of a clear vase kinda fell through as soon as I realized I wasn’t sure how to pull of that effect without my familiar layers and opacity settings.

Maybe I just need more practice with it all but I gotta say, painting has a sort of calm to it that’s different from pencil and ink. Art has always been a way for me to meditate and focus on something that doesn’t give me anxiety and with painting it provides a heightened sense of the type of focus that I need to paint to make sure that the details come out exactly the way I intend since I’m not used to the paint’s habit of color dilution and mixing.

Maybe we’ll see more of these experiments in the future, who knooows!

Tune in next week as I explore this creative universe! Have a nice week and love yourself, because of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished.

Happy Birthday Star Saga!

kyvbukyum6kyv55kyv8tHeyyyyy, Happy birthday Star!! This was such a pain to animate and I probably could do better if given more time and uhhh a basic understanding of animation…and art in general for that matter, huehue…BUT(T) I hope you love it anyway!

I know I tell you all the time but seriously I’m so lucky to have met you. Everyday I’m so grateful knowing that you’re always there for me, always with the perfect words to say. Even when we’re raging and frustrated at the state of things (or flippin’ out about robots and baseball kids) it’s comforting to know that I have someone that gets it, in the most fundamental way.

I love you and appreciate you so much and I’m so so lucky to be able to call you my friend. Happy birthday, Star.

<3 Jubnuggets

Illustration Friday: Window


A day late but no matter! My submission for the topic: Window. The windows really weren’t the main focus… Weird. I guess that happens sometimes!
This submission can also fit for this week’s topic: Tense.