Project FlowerHead

On twitter a few days ago I was stirring up hearts and minds with this dumb as heck tweet:

roseinmyeyesJust kidding. If anything my drawing stirred up only my own mind. It sort of inspired this idea to draw MORE FLOWER HEADS!

So I did.

The next day I got to work on sketching out my idea.


It took a lot of references….. This project taught me that as long as I’m learning it’s okay to ask for help. In the end we don’t know everything and that is okay! (layer2 is actually 3 references-in-one…I had to merge them together so they could actually fit in the screen cap….)

A million references and two layers later my conceptual sketch was complete!flowersktch

Next on the agenda was line art. Now, I’ve been having some issues with my line art which I’m still trying to work through.flowerheadlineart

One major one is closing lines: I’m not sure what about closing lines gives me so much trouble and I don’t even know how important it is to close lines! I watched a digital speed paint once where the artist does their line art and then fills in the shapes to color which is WAY faster than the way I color. I color by using a large sized binary pen and color a little past the lines and then go back and erase the excess. I like this method not only because I’m used to it but also it forces me to focus on the little details in the line art and make sure I don’t miss any spots when coloring.

And after a couple days of work:flowerhead

I’m not super practiced in coloring skin tone but last minute I made the artistic choice to go with the skin tone that most matches the origins of the flowers. So the sunflower has Native American toned skin, the tiger lily and the cherry blossom are both different tones of Asian and Pacific Islander and lastly the dahlia has Central American¬†toned skin. I actually found it very difficult matching skin tones and choosing realistic looking skin colors. Looking at the color picker versus how the color looks in the context of skin are very different things that I still need to work on.

Anyway, some final thoughts: It was really important for me to represent API people since I’m API and I hardly ever talk about it. In my art I personally feel I have an obligation to represent my community and all of my identities including my gender fluid identity not to mention other oppressed minorities.
On a less serious note: I want that ‘trash lord’ shirt so bad….UGH. Honestly, whenever I design outfits and clothes for my art I always want those clothes to exist. I’m lookin’ at all of you fashion designers out there: HIT ME UP I WANNA MAKE SWEET AS HECK CLOTHES. And since we’re talking about my **sarcasm** SWEEEET sense of style, LOOK at those sweet as heck swing dancing shoes. I had a vague idea of the shoes I wanted to draw but when I looked them up…I just–I want those shoes.

Alright, I’m all done. If you’re an artist (OR a fashion designer) and you have any advice leave a comment below and lemme know what’s up with the what’s up.
Later skaters, have a lovely week!

Weedy Scorpion Fish

Heyyy, sorry this is really late but I’ve been busy traveling and recovering from all the shifting time zones. I recently had the opportunity to visit the Georgia Aquarium and I saw this weird fish that inspired me to make a character!

Inspired by the weedy scorpion fish here’s some progress sketches!

initial concept and planning
final sketch
Line art

Alright! Bye bye for noooooow!

This Ain’t No Travel Blog

….But I’m in GEORGIA!huntinI’m staying at this beautiful and HUGE cabin in the middle of nowhere so I did a quick doodle sketch of it! I didn’t capture the beauty of the woods and trees and things but eyyyyyy I’m learning! Well I guess realistically we’re all learning as artists…anywhoozmagooze

Sorry this is late and all that getting to this cabin was hectic and busy busy but I’ll see you all next week!

Uptight and Uppity

Portfolios, networking, phone numbers…put on your best smiley face and shake hands with the biggest and baddest of the industry because it seems to be the only way to stay alive.

meepleHa just kidding. I just wanted to write a thing about professionalism so I could show off this picture I drew. But seriously… the art industry is really competitive and ya gotta make friends to survive out there! Well actually I don’t know much about the industry since I’m not in it…yet. But hey ya never know what the future holds so we’ll see okay? I’ve been uh listening to a lot of angst teenager music (Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, Paramore, all that not-so-jazz) so excuse that weird cryptic beginning??

Alrighty bye bye for this week you wonderful wonderful people

MMW: [Anklebiters by Paramore]

MMVanklebitersHeyyy lookie a brand new MarkMyWords and it’s so shinyy and sketchy OOooo!

This comic was inspired by a song called Anklebiters written by a little band called Paramore. All the lyrics from the song belong rightfully to Paramore and the illustrations belong to me.