Where do the Lost Things go?

Last year I heavily depended on my flash drive. I took very good care of it because it was sort of expensive (considering how much it could hold and that it was a flash drive). I used it for all my school work, to transfer back and forth for assignments. At the very end of the year, like a week before school was let out for summer, I lost it.

AHHH, NO. ARE YOU KIDDING? You could keep track of it and managed it for a whole school year MINUS the last week? REALLY?

Yeah, I know. The thing about my flash drive was that it had kinda personal, special stuff in it. Not, like digital journal entries or super uncomfortable-to-read slash fiction. Way worse than that. Poetry. Within the USB flash drive was a sizable compilation of most of the final drafts I typed up of poems I had previously wrote down. The final  drafts had gone through my poetry mentor who reads my poems after I right them and tells me stuff that I could improve on or change. I got into the habit of typing up my poems for publishing reasons, which my mentor talked me into doing. Since I arranged this system in my IDIOT middle school years, the system I devised was absolutely horrid. I would type up the poem and put it directly into the USB flash drive. Not into a separate computer file, or in an email to myself, none of that.

NOOOOO, little Vian was all like, “HEHEHEHE, I IS SO COOLZ RIGHT??” No. You were not.

Now that I’ve lost it, and went to every counselor or other persons of lost things and have officially lost it for the ever of forever, I finally understand the gravity of the situation. In the late years of my poetry writing I wrote a poem called, “Pirate Ariel” It was based off the Disney princess Ariel being a (semi) hard-core pirate of the seas (un-specifically the Grand Line..haha “One Piece” references). Of all the recent-est poems I had written, that was my favorite because “Pirate Ariel” marked the beginning of a less sad, pessimistic style of poetry I had began to write. This was because when I wrote poetry I didn’t have many influences, being my poetry mentor’s poems (which went completely over my head), Teen Ink poems (a magazine widely known for it’s mostly ‘teen’, hence the name, based publications which were mostly, sad and dark and sad), and poems I had read at school (which were always dissected beyond comprehension). Pirate Ariel coxed me out of the norm of youth poems and had me trying sorta hard to evoke emotion in a different way that wasn’t sad and dark. For once I was happy to make people happy to read my poems.

One huge attitude change later, here I am. Drawing ‘whimsical’ scribbles about all the lovely things in my mind like a Godzilla festival.

Excuse for poor quality: IT’S JUST A SKETCH GOIES. That’s also not the fulll (HAHA, SNEAK PEEK ALL UP IN HIER.)

What I ask of you today, my dear reader, where do all the lost things go? (And, Tinker Bell, if you say Pixie Hollow… I might punch you. Unless you like send it to me with a note of authentication or something. Maybe some testable blood samples.

Don’t ever talk to the sun with its sunglasses on. That rule pretty much goes for anyone else that wears sunglasses inside..

Sorry about the lack of sock puppets. I sat down to write it last week and just didn’t like it. There wasn’t much to write about soooo this instead? If you really want the sock puppet post I will try to make it as amusing as I can (as if my other posts are amusing.)


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