The Most Dangerous Artist

( An interview with an egotistical genius, conducted by Amanda)

By: Amanda Bennett

Amanda Bennett made it clear to me the nature of her being possessed by an art goddess. She told me that if I would like to speak to Danger, I would have to sprinkle glitter infused holy water taken from the streams of J.R.R Tolkien’s “Shire.” and become proficient enough in Latin to recite a very romantic poem Danger wrote about herself and a certain fictional character from virtual band Gorillaz, ( he has asked we keep his name confidential at this point in time). It took weeks of prep time, but when I did call Danger from the body of Amanda Bennett, she was brilliant as a moonbeam and told me the following things:

  • “I create to spread joy, and to teach the world there is still somethings that are beautiful in the face of mass corruption.”

  • “ Realism and Water colors are lame.”

  • “ Help me Vian, I need to escape this feeble human form.”

  • “ Drawing something, doesn’t make you an artist. Creating something, for a reason greater than yourself,does.”

In this time, Amanda Bennett’s Body lay limp and flat, and I then spoke the sentence that makes Danger re-enter Bennett’s body. “Star-Trek rules, sucka!” Amanda’s life force re-entered her body and she shivered violently. “Let me speak for Danger alright? That’s always so weird to be out of myself, ya know?” Bennett pleaded. I agreed, and she then explained to me some of Danger’s influences. “Well, music’s a big one.” Bennett said, sketching violently for her most recent project: A children’s book called “The Hoop” for Ms. Laurie Coker, her creative writing teacher at Westwood High School.( Her second book illustration so far) “She’s really inspired by Gorillaz and their changing of the game when it comes to the music meets art collide dynamic.” Bennett also wants to teach art. “An effort to give back to this privileged life of mine.” she explained.

Danger’s true form above.

   “Danger and I both appreciate the state of the world as being less beautiful than it could be.” she said to me, raising her voice as though to prove it to the whole room. “Danger may be my hands, but I’m all heart.” Bennett said choking up a little. Growing up, Bennett was a military child and didn’t have much time for long lasting friendships but plenty of time to draw on the never ending war road. Like many other artists, Danger draws what she sees, but in vivid and exaggerated cartoon visionary style that test the limits of reality, Something that Danger has “No problem with” Bennett tells me laughing, “ Sometimes when the weight of the worlds problems come crashing down, Danger’s all I’ve got. And we just draw the problems away.” Bennett is heavily involved in local politics, championing such causes as Occupy Austin, and any other rallies that would allow for sign making and marching in the streets. “Art is a tool to help change the world, ya know?” Bennett says wryly with a smile, “Danger loves to march a little too close to the cops though.” she says with a wink. And just as mysteriously as she’d arrived, Manderz Danger Bennett was gone again, off to some far away art cave where she would create in the shadows to bring a little more light into the world.

A Manderz Danger Original Comic (Featuring art teacher of Westwood High School and local artist Anthony Garza)

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