I’m back and I finally got a scanner because, let’s face it, taking pictures with your only half decent camera does not look nice.

I know you guys missed me, but HOLD BACK YOUR TEARS. We gotta take care of some things.

The guest bloggers featured in my absence (in order of appearance):
Gabby- “Fanartzies #1
Amanda/Danger- “The Most Dangerous Artist
If you would like to learn more about them or inquire them for a commission go visit the “About Guests” page!

Now…. you can cry, because I know you’ve missed me. I missed you too.

While I was gone I drew like a flibbin’ maniac!

Recent Activity:
I recently won an Award of Excellence from the National PTA Reflections program, but I still don’t know what that means…did I win?

The concept sketch of my submission, “An Idea’s Light”

I’m also thinking of submitting some of my art to the Welovefine Portal T-Shirt Contest but I’ve run into some technical problems with the submission process.

Practicing my ribbon movement and textile shapes (making up words because I have no idea)


Also a Space Unicorn Strip is still in progress:

An ongoing comic strip idea: Space Unicorn!

As well as practicing my perspective:

My, what lumpy hair you have!

I’ve long since finalized..:

Wawawawa GIAAANT

If you would like to check, I’ve re-scanned most of the past images of my art just so my art will have a nice professional look.

I love all of my new and long time followers, you guys have been amazing with this whole guest blogger experiment. If you enjoyed our guest bloggers I’ll be featuring one artist from my school every month unless I can’t find one or can’t compile an article in time.

Check back next weekend for some new beauties. I’VE SURE MISSED YOU ALL!


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