Season’s Greeting…Cards

This year is the first year that I’ve made holiday/Christmas cards for selling purposes.

To be honest it’s not about the money (which is more than I expected because AHHH)

I created these cards in hopes that I will reach more people, people who might be interested in giving my website more traffic.

More traffic means maybe more card sales or maybe a job opportunity (EVIL MASTER BUSINESS PERSON).

Hoooooliday caard!
I’m totally proud to say my mom helped me decorate every card by hand (she’s really the only reason it was possible to finish all ~80 orders in two days). On the back I wrote ‘More Art @’ on each card.

For those of you interested in purchasing a card, but you might not  live in my immediate area, I’m sorry but I won’t be delivering long distance. I’m so sorry about this.

Along with 8 types of cards (4 Christmas, 4 general holiday). I offered my services for special commissions.

Commissions this season have been an amazing learning experience and I really liked how they turned out:


Top left: someone on a ladder putting up a star on the Christmas tree– the easiest but the glitter glue might have ruined the card..

Top right: someone ‘grinching’ Christmas with Batman about to beat him up– Not too hard. (SEASON’S BEATINGS! AHHAHAHAHAH)

Bottom left: BUNNY SANTA– I thought this one would be REALLY hard but it wasn’t too bad.

Bottom right: Mihashi and Abe (Main characters from Oofuri) dressed up. Mihashi as a reindeer, Abe as Santa with pillows in his suit. — ACK THIS WAS SO HARD BECAUSE 1) It’s an anime and I can’t draw anime style super great and 2) BOY HAIR IS THE VAIN OF MY EXISTENCE.

I swear I’m not complaining. I had so much fun making these and I hope the people who ordered them like their cards. If you like my commissions feel free to contact me: click here for info.

If you like my art and you want to better the lives of those around you, SPREAD THE WORD AND THE HAPPY MAGIC!

To all my supporters and readers and friends and crazy people who purchased packs of 25 cards,

Thank you so much for supporting me! Have a happy holiday or a wonderful rest of the week. You guys are seriously amazing.


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