Let’s Draw Together!

As an artist and a technology consumer of my generation I’m here to talk about apps.

One app in particular that I really enjoy:

It’s great for artists who need to push their limits when it comes to medium or anyone who need some inspiration now and again.


Available in the Apple App store for freeeeeeeeeee!

Prompt: Give the snowman a new nose

There are many types of artists in the Draw Quest community: categorized by skill

1.) Hard-core artists: They usually use iPads or whatever type of large tablets that make drawing easier. Also they use a stylus which show more control when drawing compared to using your finger. Most of the artists in the category are either professionals or just plain magic

2.) Social type: Usually join Draw Quest at the recommendation of their friends or befriend strangers so usually they create little quest areas where they can draw and exchange messages to each other.

3.) Amateur Artists: In most cases they use their fingers and may or may not draw on their iPhones/iTouch/iPads to draw. Usually coupled with children of the new generation of technology so you get to see adorable stick figure drawings and some really talented 12 year olds.

Take a picture in the photo booth
Prompt: Take a picture in the photo booth

I’m coupled with the amateur artist group, I use my fingers and draw an my widdle iTouch screen. I actually really love drawing for draw quest because it’s fun for me and inspires me with all it’s prompts. It forces me to practice drawing things I wouldn’t otherwise draw, which is good practice for me.

Prompt: Hang up a holiday wreath

If you decide to download DrawQuest my user is Jubnuggets, you can find me and we can draw together!


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