Liberal Arts: an Endangered Profession

When I was really widdle adults asked me that question that no child can really fully comprehend, “What do you wanna be when you grow up?” For some reason they always asked me about my future in a joking, condescending way as if my answer was just for their entertainment.

When I was ~3-5 years old I wanted to be a singer because the music was how I learned English and the Beatles and Micheal Jackson were  always inspiring and my favorite Doll was Rockstar Barbie with her light up top and unnatural brown highlights in her bleach blonde hair.

When I was ~8-10 years old I became a little more reasonable and practical. I was 10 years old when the big recession hit in 2008. The only reason I knew about it was because it was on the news and I kept up with the news because the transitions were really cool. My mom’s job as a pharmacist was so stable I never felt the impact of the recession. A job that stable seems like an AY-OKAY job to have.

Now as a teenager in high school I want to be an artist. I understand that a career as an artist in modern times is more or less non-existent. There aren’t that many big companies of artists and illustrators arms-open to widdle ol’ me, not exactly talented, not very versatile, and very inexperienced. I might say, “I’m willing to learn! I’m a hard worker! PLEASEEEE.”


…But it seems being free-lance is the only way you can get a career but free-lancing (unless you have serious talent and bunch of powerful connections) is very unstable. You might have a job for a couple of weeks or days or months, but then what? After the project is over and the money is spent how are you going to pay rent or for food? I bet you already knew all this… And knowing all this, for some crazy reason, hasn’t stopped me from wanting to be an artist.

I draw everyday.

I look at T-shirt competitions that I can submit to.

I’m developing more cards for general holidays and birthdays.


I do all these things and more because I have a passion for this ‘hobby’ of mine. Though this hobby is definitely not the best stand alone job, I’m hoping being a pharmacist or any job in the medical field will allow me to continue creating wonderful things.


NOTE: Please vote for my T-shirt design (If it prompts you to sign in or create an account and you do, you’ll need to re-click the link to go directly to my specific design).

Your support means the world to me!



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