Art Participation

This week I submitted three designs to Threadless, the T-shirt company
One got rejected because of it’s simplicity:

That watermark. It’s perfect.

The other two are being judged and voted on as you read this:
Forest Scene
Dresses Distresses
note: both designs got disqualified from both competitions because of the amount of low votes]

I haven’t noticed this until I found all the spam emails in my inbox that once I submitted the designs people started following my user and I’ve gotten a few nice comments on one of the designs.

The wonderful thing I forget about art is participation.

Creating something special and sharing it with people who may or may not think what you’ve created is special too. It’s so easy to forget as a viewer of art because those who I look up to and admire tend to be unattainable and too famous to contact and converse with. I’ve grown content with being a silent observer hiding behind my computer monitor I forgot that art evokes conversation, always.

A few weeks ago I mentioned one of my favorite daily drawing apps: Draw Quest
Formatted much like Twitter but without a commenting section (with the mentality of “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it”). In a way it has become one of the only ways for me to reach out and draw along-side artists of all ages and where ever they might be.
Welp, it has officially been announced that it doesn’t have enough funding to keep it up and running so it’ll be shutting down in a couple of months. The heartbreaking thing about this, is that after a slow process of coming out of my shell and becoming more interactive with the other DrawQuesters the community that I’ve known to love and love being a part of, is ending and DQers are making petition quests and telling people to buy coins as a form of donation.
I really don’t want to say goodbye to all the artists that I’ve admired and interacted with via Twitter so I won’t. Many other artists have already started to pack up and transitioning over to Sketch Club, which is kind of sad, but I don’t think I’m going to let this app, that’s given me a community of artists and helped me discover my potential and creativity, die off without a fight.


It might seem silly be getting this crazy about an app but to all the DrawQuesters who might be reading this, you all know how great this community has been to us and you know that it’s definitely something worth saving.            (Click here to help)—>

All of those DrawQuesters out there are worth saving.

Prompt: Where did you get your sweatshirt?
Prompt: Where did you get your sweatshirt?

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