Try, Try, Try Again

(NOTE: Sorry for the lack of artwork in this post. I didn’t have time to draw stuff, sorrrrrrrry!)

Lately I’ve been interested in this T-shirt company that opens up submissions to the public. Any artists that wants to can draw something and submit it to the company and if they get enough high votes their design is turned into a real t-shirt that people can purchase. This company also does this thing where they have competitions and within a certain deadline people can submit their designs to the contests and if they win they get money and a bunch of other rewards.
The first two times I submitted my designs I got down voted frequently, dropping the average score, allowing them to drop my submissions.

But if I learned anything from being a poet is that you have to submit and get rejected and just keep trying because persistence pays off in the end. When I used to write poetry I would submit to multiple places and (with the encouragement and guidance of my mentor) I would receive all the emails of rejections and consolations but eventually two publication companies finally published a few of my poems.

Now as an artist when I get the letter of rejection from Threadless or I see the calculations of my average score, it’s not so bad. Sure I felt stuck during the first times but when you look around you notice that people who are also more talented than you are also getting rejected, they keep trying. It’s what they love after all.
When I got my first few rejection emails about the two contests I took them pretty hard. I would draw like I usually would but I would always feel an awful bottomless pit feeling in my stomach, like I wasn’t good enough, a slump some would call it. After a while I started to recover; a few conversations with friends, and nice drawings on DrawQuest, and nice comments on this very blog that re-inspired me to have a mind-set of improving rather than just wallowing in the pain and non-existent misery of being an artist (oh, whooooa–is meeeee)


I might not be very talented or even creative but at least I practice and submit and share my work with as many people as I can. I love art even if I don’t get a degree or career in it.
I’ll love it because it makes me happy.
And even though rejection doesn’t make me very happy, it’s definitely a process to experience and over come. Like tripping and falling on stairs that you’ve climbed up and down on for many years. It’s a scary thought at first but when it finally happens it hurts but you’re glad it happened because it probably wasn’t as horrible a tumble-y mess as you thought it would be and you also survived it.

Stuff that’s been happening:

My design finally made it, please support me and vote it up to space!

A Draw Quest friend of mine mentioned me on her blog!

My DQ art page: you can click on the individual art pieces and watch me draw them (play arrow on the bottom right of the image)


7 thoughts on “Try, Try, Try Again

  1. Preach it! :) I agree; it’s scary to get rejected or even negative comments. But I think of all the support I have received from everyone, and it really motivates me. Not everybody is going to like your work, just like how some people are going to adore your work. I admire your persistence, and I encourage you to keep at it! Best of luck for the contest, and congrats on everything else.

    I, too, have been so busy that I haven’t been able to post any artwork, either! Gah! Hopefully I will be able to soon. And I should probably try doing some contests, too, so that I can get more feedback. Thanks for being such an inspiration!

      1. Ugh, I agree. Don’t think I’ll be able to finish this week’s as well, but I still try to work on past topics I have missed. Just to get my brain and creativity juices flowing…hopefully!

      2. What I’m most frustrated with is when I have the week’s illustration drawn but I’m only free on Friday and it’s too late! (Speaking of submitting, I’ll go do that!)

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