To DAMArtKat

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When I read your post confessing your inner feelings, my heart broke. It broke and as I continued reading it kept breaking.
You, the one who shines the light on people whose beauty is darkened and difficult to see.
You, who has given me so many wonderful opportunities and has inspired me with your sense of community.
But it seems you’ve finally shined the light on yourself and I’m so glad and so relieved.
I know you might be thinking that you’re sad and pathetic or even selfish to take time to talk about yourself, but I think you’re brave and courageous and strong. To have to struggle with depression and anxiety and still have the energy to smile and be positive…that’s not pathetic, it’s a wonderful and incredible super power that only you possess.supaaaar

Danelle, you’re not worthless. You’re an admirable, amazing person and I didn’t need to know what you look like to see that. No one does. I’ve seen you create beautiful art and inspire other Drawquesters, which, I think, is a truer test of merit than your appearance.

You might have tunnel vision because it you just back up and look at everything you’ve done….wow. Just amazing. Do you see it? I see a huge sky filled with stars and a bright future all from the amazing things you’ve done, and that’s only DrawQuest. Can you imagine if you were to look at your whole life? I can’t because I don’t know you that well, but you can. You can see all of it for the sheer, unadulterated beauty your life is.

And your fears, it’s like falling or tripping on stairs. You’re scared it’ll happen and you know when it does it would hurt really bad but once it happens you find out it’s not so bad and the pain goes away eventually with time (and a little yelling at the stairs), but it also doesn’t have to hurt. It can be new and scary but it doesn’t have to be bad.

Bullying is horrible and I witness it almost everyday at school. It can be traumatizing and absolutely %100 awful. Though those moments are horrible (I probably can’t even imagine how bad it was for you considering you couldn’t finish your paragraph) I ask you to grow from them, to learn and be an even more inspiring person than you are now (is that even possible?!).


Rise up above the haters and be proud.

I know I am. I’m might not know you that well but I am proud of everything I know about you and I’m so glad I met you and was able to experience your art.

Please don’t die from self-harm,
Love Vian on behalf of the many other people in this world that love you too.


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