Near the end of February my graphic tablet arrived at my door. I draw on it pretty much everyday using Sai Paint Tool (which at the moment is having issues saving properly, so maybe hold off purchasing/downloading) which together make drawing a million times more fun and enjoyable (except when it doesn’t save and I rage for an hour).

In honor of my German exchange partner coming to America in a few more days, I’ve drawn her a video game original character.

The gingham pattern of her dress is obviously not drawn because it isn’t, sorry.

A traditional German girl, with the awesome addition of DUEL WIELD AXES (she would be my instant favorite character, she would be so awesome). I know the character isn’t 100% stereotypical German girl because her appearance was heavily influenced by my partner’s appearance (not exactly a caricature because I’m not exactly confident or skillful enough for that).

psssssh I know this was last year’s banner

And I just discovered this wonderful thing that happens every November, PiBoIdMo! Which I will hopefully be participating in this year.

Join me fellow artists and illustrators!


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