There’s this wonderful site called Doodlers Anonymous where on the site they host a myriad of art projects and artists. My two personal favorite projects being:

Drawn Netflix Envelopes
Doodle Bomb

I would love to participate in the Netflix Envelope project but alas, the extra service to get DVDs sent to your door is not exactly something worth paying for in the name of art.

The Doodle Bomb project, I actually quite enjoyed. The concept is simple, use markers, pens, anything without using technology to take over their advertisement.
The project, initially, was kind of a challenge because neither my mom or I read fashion magazines or magazines that are 90% advertisement because that’s just not how we roll so finding artful ads that were simple and weren’t too dark (or else the marker wouldn’t show) was kind of difficult but I managed to get a lot of ads done.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Have a wonderful week and don’t stop being creative!


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