The End

We all knew it was going to happen. We were even warned at the beginning of the year but we all hoped and prayed and threw money at the obvious outcome. May 5, 2014. This day marks the end to my favorite app, DrawQuest. Words from its founder actually made me cry. Just googling “Drawquest” made me sad. This news was heartbreaking, brutal and sudden.

First and last Draw Quest birthday
First and last Draw Quest birthday drawn by JubNuggets (me)

That morning I woke up to their twitter account posting their tumblr post announcing their shut down “effective immediately.”

Not gonna lie, I’ve had better Monday mornings.

My first thoughts were, “Wait, I didn’t get to say goodbye” because many DrawQuesters I followed and admired didn’t have twitter accounts (which is how I communicate with DQers) so that felt like I was just told that a lot of really close friends just died. At the same time.

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Click here for more examples from OMGcookies (trigger warning: cartoon violence and blood)

Then I thought, “Wait, I didn’t get to do any big includes” (an include is a drawing that includes other users which could mean their username or their avatar) personally I didn’t like doing includes because whenever I did one I always forgot someone and felt super bad about it immediately afterward so I tried to stay away from those but now that Draw Quest is all over my only regret is not thanking each individual user for supporting me and inspiring my creativity because it’ll be so hard to find an app that will let all of us recreate our community and the way we interacted and drew together as simply as DrawQuest allowed us to.

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So now, too little too late, a big include drawn on paper and lightly edited digitally. I know I missed so many DrawQuesters both fallen and the like and I’m sorry but there are so many amazing artists and my memory is not one of an elephant so if I forgot you, know you are still loved and missed by me and the other DrawQuesters




I also thank the Draw Mob, essentially the Illuminati of DrawQuest, with their secretly coordinated quests and themes with a tight community of very (very) talented artists as a group making a themed drawing. There isn’t much to be said about them more than their art can say. These are their drawings for May 4th:

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The first shutdown announcement in January shocked everyone, so much so that we made frantic petitions and custom quests to gather as much communication information about our friends and tried to find a new drawing app to transition to. We were all so panicked that when given the solution: donate coins to keep DrawQuest going, we jumped on it as our prime mission.
DAMartkat so intuitively created a system of donation and money collection so that people who couldn’t personally buy coins with money could participate anyway. Many people participated, some DQers donating hundreds to altruistically save this beloved app of ours. There were so many that participated though many of the links to their art were you can still click the participant list here, results here. HUGE gigantic thank you to DAMartkat for being a large inspiration in my life and the DQ community and such a huge influence on DrawQuest, you’re amazing!

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Moreover I thank everyone on the Draw Quest team and staff for coming up with the templates and quests and coding such an amazing app that I have been able to participate and enjoy. The community created by the app is one that I will always cherish and love. Even though it was an experience I wish never ended I’m still glad that I was able to appreciate the art of so many talented artists I would never have met without the help of the Draw Quest staff making the app and allowing it to live on for so much longer than we all expected. Also a big thanks for listening to us complain about the redo button and various other minor details and cooperating us when maintenance was needed (I’ll miss R2DQ and Questbots’ shenanigans). Thank you all.

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Like my friend pointed out to me “…just because DrawQuest is having some trouble, doesn’t mean your drawing career has to die.” So just to clarify this isn’t a farewell post to my art career and drawing, this is simply a grateful thank you and quiet mourning of a wonderful app and a wonderful community.

(P.S. I’m sorry these few weeks have been sad and serious, that’s just my life right now. Regular posting will return next week, I’ve also listed this post under ‘Guest’ because so many of the art in this post is not mine and the artists that created the art really deserve credit for their work.)

I’ll be on for now under Jubnuggets, Kris Kamp also suggested Didlr (JubNuggets there too). I’ll try my best to get on Sketch Club but no promises. Best of luck to all the Draw Quest refugees, I hope you all find each other and repair our community. I also found a DQ forum for all you refugees.

In closing, have some beautiful art from just a small fraction of the DrawQuest community.

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Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week.



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