Sugar Coating it


Since I’m still relatively a child (still in high school, so yeah) many people that I ask about my art still insist on babying me. What I mean by this is when I ask for opinion or constructive criticism on an art piece I always (ALWAYS) hear something a long the lines of ‘cute’ or ‘good’ the single most unhelpful words used to criticize a person’s work. The only helpful information I’ve gotten about a piece is from a few people at my school that are INCREDIBLY talented (and may or may not know it) artists and my best friend who really isn’t afraid of telling me the truth.


Personally I find this sugar-coating damaging to my perception of art and my art. When people tell me my art is good and I’m very aware of my lack of talent in comparison to other artists it blows up my confidence and leads me to believe: I AM THE BEST AND NO ONE CAN RIVAL ME. This belief is quickly shattered when I look at…anyone’s art that isn’t mine?

It might be caused by my new found appreciation of art that I’ve been seeing art in a different light. I can see someone’s understanding for perspective and shape and form (I actually have no idea what I’m actually talking about, I’ve never attended an art class). When I watch people draw I can see, at times, their ease of drawing what their imagining and it’s so amazing.


Many artists I know don’t realize they’re talented and don’t realize their skill (some of them have even been featured on this blog) this is probably because in a society where art is just a medium, and content can produce in huge quantities and at such an alarming rate that a single artist can feel intimidated and can’t help but to compare themselves to these big companies (Disney, Pixar, DC comics, Cartoon Network) or amazingly successful artists (I’m looking at you, Fredrik and Exocomics).

Or maybe we’ve all been approaching this all wrong. Maybe I should have a different mind set when encountering art that might be better than mine. Inspiration can be found anywhere and these cartoonists and animators and artist probably strive for the goal of inspiring someone. Sparking that creative light in someone and hopefully keep that creative light alive for the rest of their life.



Inspiration and learning from my mistakes is the only way for me to ever accomplish such a lofty goal such as inspiring another person. I need to grow and change and realize my own potential.

I’ve opened a store on Society6 where you can purchase prints and shirts and things. I’m still getting my bearings so be patient with me!


2 thoughts on “Sugar Coating it

  1. I find this really complicated, seeing how I think there is no right and wrong in art. It all comes down to opinions… So if you have a few honest friends that gets your style and don’t mind answering honestly, that should be more then enough I think :) But it is still a matter of opinions and taste though…. I have also noticed that most times when I get a comment about something I can do better, I’m usually fully aware of it already. Pretty sure most people can relate to that :p

    Thank you for mentioning me :D

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