Something Creative and Different

In these modern times it seems we’ve explored every aspect of life we can conceivably imagine. This thought has daunted me my whole life. The idea of creating something unoriginal and reproducing it in a way that only tinkers with the idea/concept/formula a little bit terrifies me. Only recently have I been forced to stare that fear in the eye and refuse to be the first to look away.


You might be aware that I’m in the process of making a comic series with a friend of mine. We’re still in the very (very) early stages of production so while thinking up new  inventive ideas for our story we found ourselves walking into walls put up by overdone, thoroughly-covered topics that were staples of un-originality and weak character development and plots (e.x.: Damsel in Distress trope, narrator vs. protagonist conflict, protagonist falls in love, etc). It became very difficult to think up new ideas that haven’t been done to death because, after all, many ideas stem from something else or is influenced by an original source.

I began to have these feelings that creating something TRULY new and different would be impossible but someone (I can’t remember who) reminded me that something truly different and new would alienate the reader/audience from the protagonist and characters and the disconnect would be the fatal end to the series.


This series has really put into perspective how difficult it can be to create something that also incorporates the balance of originality and new with something reliable and tending to create emotional connection.
The main reason many people didn’t care much for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was because the main protagonist, Scott, was kind of an immature brat that despite all odds won over Ramona and defeated a significant amount of other fighters but from a different perspective one could say that Scott’s character, though silly and kinda eh, was still very thoroughly developed, even the background characters had lives they evolved and changed throughout, all together wrapping everyone up in the nice neat bow tie of the story which was, though an over done quest trope of a story, was still very engaging and had sub plots that perfectly integrated the other background characters.
A story like that, despite it’s minor flaws and basic plot concept, was an amazing journey and the storytelling was brilliant.

That’s what I will strive to do as a writer: create a story that’s brilliant and amazing and well-written and thoughtful and detailed and thorough and just everything I wanted from a story.


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