Art Class Torture

I’ve been doing this thing called art for a couple of years now and I’d like to say I’m a seasoned mediocre at it. It’s been a little over year now and I’ve done a lot of stuff and I’ve seen a lot of things and I’ve learned quite a lot from all the friends and artists that I’ve met and in the years that I’ve been drawing seriously this will be the first year that I’ve ever taken a formal art class.

Foundations of Art I.

At first I was  excited and to ACTUALLY learn and take my ability to the next level–

But then…. well…we’re a few weeks in now and….Yeah. Lines. We drew lines. We’re learning the importance of….LINES.


I’m sure some of you readers that follow my blog and read what I have to say are art teachers or are artists that have gone through formal art classes and such but at this very moment my proceeding thoughts are unabashed, unfiltered, and uncut.


Yeah sure, it’s only been a few weeks, granted,  but none the less THIS IS A SLOOOOOOOW art class. We spend two days on one assignment that should really only take about 30 minutes to finish and get completed but with many of the students there seems to be this reoccurring, elementary school trend of doing everything possible to impress the teacher. If that means take 2 hours to do a 30 minute assignment then so be it!


It’s taken us three weeks to get through lines, value, and we’ve just started symmetry….wow.

Foundations Art I, I heard, actually picks up later like when you move on to the basics of ceramics and painting and all of that cool stuff but for now it’s really just complaining for me.

I’ll see if I can update you guys on the slow-goings and maybe post a few of the things we’re doing in class.

These few months or weeks maybe are not gonna be the best quality or a post might be missed [COUGH] like last week’s [COUGH] and I’m sorry but this semester (so like from now to December for those of you who may not know how American’s school’s work or purged school from your memories) is gonna be really tough to juggle all the things I’m doing so I’ll try my very best and if I don’t post anything just know I tried, really I did.

schooooolYou guys have always been nothing less than amazing! Thank you for being my drive for being a better artist, inspirations, all of you!
Share your thoughts with me in the comments below, I love reading your feedback!


5 thoughts on “Art Class Torture

  1. You DID take an art one class. And they have to assume that you don’t know anything. I know it seems stupid but it’s art 1! I said this to my exchange student and I’m saying it to you. If you wanted something more advanced, then take a more advanced art class. But even in the later classes it’s going to be kind of dumbed down.

    1. I’m not allowed to ‘test out’ or qualify for a higher art class until I take the basic art class! Its really dumb but Foundations is a prerequisite to any higher art class. :(

      1. If it’s a pre-req then grin and bear it you’ll be a senior next year right? Then work your best this year. But don’t hate the class because it’s simple, because it’s art one it’s doing what it was meant to do

  2. I always feel like anyone who has a talent for art should learn how to proceed in that area from other artists, and those who don’t have a talent should take art classes. After all, you normally don’t take Music Theory I when you’re Johannes Sebastian Bach. In your case, it may be best to leave the class for something that you DON’T already know at the semester.

    1. But it’s also important to learn the how do the little things so you can do more. Even Bach had to start somewhere! And besides complaining is a great stress reliever, for me at least. I might switch out next semester for graphic design or animation or something like that.

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