A discussion about feminism
For those uninterested click HERE for some commentary on a piece I did a while ago. It’s really interesting, well-thought out and the writer actually attends my school and I made his website header!

Space Unicorn and Solis let me do a really short reaction piece about our feelings on human rights.

spaceunicorn012In case you haven’t heard HeforShe is a campaign in support for gender equality that has really picked up since Emma Watson’s UN speech. Upon hearing her speech and all the positive messages she spoke about I got so excited! Finally positive progress in the direction of change and equal human rights! YAY!


As a person born female but of questionable gender (pfft, I don’t know who I am..) this news is HUGE and super exciting and amazing, but facing the reality of social media and social progression…it’s quite the opposite reaction. The minority that speaks the loudest are screaming MISANDRY and MAN-HATER in our faces and all these notions of utter hatred…over what? A speech. A speech, carefully written and beautifully presented about EQUALITY. Human rights. It’s obvious many people are not ready to face this kind of progress. Some people that will go so far as to send death threats to those striving for change.

It sickens me, really. It’s more sickening to look back at history when women in America protested for the right to vote: Women’s Suffrage. The layperson believed that these radical women were calling for the suffering of women! Oh dearie, me, why would you want something so horrible? But alas it was simply a fatal-sounding word that literally meant the right to vote.
I would like to believe that’s why some women are hitching themselves on to the #WomenAgainstFeminism trend, because feminism sounds like vicious misandry and a world completely over run with women who enslave men as their laborers, but it’s not. It’s about a basic human right of egalitarianism.

There is hope though, many people have come to embrace this movement, even though they might be a silent majority, there is hope and that’s what keeps me going. Just the idea of people that care and people that want to make change, those people give people like me, a silent, terrified, minority, the hope that we need to speak up and finally say something.

Because selfishly, I want to be able to legally say I am of non-binary gender and have it not influence my professional life.
Selfishly, I want to be able to walk outside and feel safe in my own neighborhood.
Selfishly, I believe that everyone should feel safe, no matter their gender/race/anything

Sure, it’s selfish but a person can only dream, right?


5 thoughts on “HeforShe

      1. pfft i’ve heard every excuse in the book. If the evidence is there it’s there. Plus she’s not saying their bad games she’s just using them to demonstrate her point clearly. I mostly look up to her bc of all the hate she just kinda absorbed and is just so much braver than i’ll ever be

      2. Her point is filled with undertones that video games are promoting misogyny and sexism, which is the same thing as saying that video games cause violence. It’s an argument that has not only been proven wrong, but had its opposite proven correct. There’s nothing wrong with saying that video games have sexist tropes in them, and striving to get rid of them, but you shouldn’t say that they cause the perpetuation of sexism, and you certainly shouldn’t pick evidence that supports your point and ignore or outright downplay examples of evidence to the contrary (ex: Bayonetta)

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