Coming Out Day

NOTE: As an individual, remember you have a right to safety and security. Please click HERE if you feel that your safety has been threatened in some way and HERE for a suicide hotline/ a safe place to talk/ answers to questions you might have about sexuality/gender/coming out

Yesterday, 10/12/14 I came out to many of my friends and some distant relatives on Facebook and Twitter.

comeoutWhile writing this I was absolutely terrified of people’s reactions to my coming out because living in Texas, probably one of the most conservative states in America and hearing horror stories about exile and bullying…I really had a reason to be scared.


Hours after I came out to my peers I was shocked by the huge influx of support.

comeoutComing out can be scary, but if you have a tight support group that can back you up through anything it’s not as scary. It’s easy to forget that our life’s experiences don’t exist inside a vacuum and that all the people you meet and connect with can really help you feel…less alone.


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