Guys…I’ve discovered something amazing.

If you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram you might now know about my newest obsession.


A few years ago, one boring winter break day, my cousin and I found some old yarn and an old book about how to knit. She picked it up instantly but after a few minutes of frustration and confusing knots and needle work I got bored and gave up.


When I was younger I had a tendency of giving up when things got hard.

Now, in the present I have learned a thing or two about resilience, patience, and the courage to move on.

The thing about knitting and crocheting is that as you learn, sure, the first few stitches you make don’t always turn out perfect but as you continue and practice, you learn from your mistakes and what you used to think was ugly: it turns out in the grand scheme of things you still made a lovely hat. Every stitch teaches you that mistakes are okay and that you should never give up because in the end you’ll know that you’ve accomplished something great and that you worked so hard to make it here.

And, you know, in the end if you really made a bad mistake you can always just tug a little on the string, pull out all the stitches and try again. Now of course in real life there is no redo option but you can always learn from your mistakes. You can accept that all our human flaws are who we are and know that it’s okay to be flawed.


Now…I’m going to go and recreate my entire life from yarn.
I love you all, have a nice week!


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