Thought Experiment: Bad Hero

“If you were to pick any super power which would it be?”

I remember the first time I actually thought about this question. It was after my 3rd or 4th viewing of The Incredibles. Watching all these retired and developing heros duke it out against evil makes a person realize how totally impossible superman is.


I’m not trying to offend if he’s your childhood favorite superhero that you looked up to but really he was the perfect human being….or alien being. He was handsome and was good at his job and also possessed all the best super powers. He put evil in it’s place and left the small time criminals quaking in their boots. He had no flaws.

But what if his altruism and self-righteousness was actually…not?
What I mean by this is that all of us perceive good and evil differently what makes Superman, Rorschach (from the Watchmen) or even Harley Quinn the know-all of righteous altruism and complete right and wrong?

Again, not trying to ruin comics for anyone here but, the premise of any hero is inherently flawed in the idea that all or certain human beings can distinguish right and wrong as if our entire reality is only filled with the absolute black and whites that people seem to forget don’t exist in the real world. The real world is riddled with miscommunication caused by physical and mental barriers and there’s also how everyone’s individual experiences that change the way we perceive morality and judgment.

Not only are our morals in question but also what about your powers?

My best friend was talking to me once about super powers and she hypothesized that the power to freeze time (assuming you only effect the Earth) would stop the rotation of the Earth meaning that the side of the Earth of the Sun would be on fire and exploding while the side facing–UH NOT THE SUN–would freeze OR if your power effected the entire universe….I’m not sure… I guess that would be cool? I have no clue.


I could go over the reality pros and cons of classic powers BUUUUUT I think I’ve fully ruined your super hero comic dreams.
If you want comment some classic super powers that I can de-bunk for a PART TWO of “Bad Hero”


One thought on “Thought Experiment: Bad Hero

  1. Superman is not impossible (unless that’s some superhero legion name, the Impossibles, featuring Superman). But, maybe any serious hero wearing red underwear over blue tights. That seems a lil ridiculous to me:) The Superman they came up with upon is temporary death seems more possible.

    Superman had his weaknesses, too, thankfully. If not, he really would have made some see green:P If you’ve seen any cartoon incarnations, he DOES have flaws, moments of misplaced ego and misunderstanding those who discreetly wish they were so “invincible.”

    Your friend just made freezing time more scary than “cool.”

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