Mother’s Day Suprise

Today is mother’s day and I’ve been plagued with the four-day flu…


It’s been sucky and gross but I finally managed enough energy to make my mom something special.

I spent a few minutes lying on the floor brainstorming more ideas in a fevered haze of yelling to myself and intermittently  laughing at nothing.
Finally I came up with this:

My dog inside a vase with a flower in her mouth!

I’m not very practiced with painting so my original idea of a clear vase kinda fell through as soon as I realized I wasn’t sure how to pull of that effect without my familiar layers and opacity settings.

Maybe I just need more practice with it all but I gotta say, painting has a sort of calm to it that’s different from pencil and ink. Art has always been a way for me to meditate and focus on something that doesn’t give me anxiety and with painting it provides a heightened sense of the type of focus that I need to paint to make sure that the details come out exactly the way I intend since I’m not used to the paint’s habit of color dilution and mixing.

Maybe we’ll see more of these experiments in the future, who knooows!

Tune in next week as I explore this creative universe! Have a nice week and love yourself, because of all the amazing things you’ve accomplished.


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