Perfect in the Making

Have you ever had that moment when you’re drawing or sketching something and you accidentally draw a very specific part too perfectly? I do, and when it happens my brain gets fixated on that perfect part and I start think to myself..I’ll never be able to draw this well ever again I’m on thedeclineatthe ageofseventeenoh godi’vebarelystarted adultlifeandi’vealready–and it spirals until I just get so fed up I erase what my brain has categorized as perfection and I force myself to erase or restart or take a step back and evaluate the drawing as a whole.

“Perfection in art” is a paradox in its own right since we all evaluate art differently from person to person. SO I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you ever get stuck while drawing or you’re having one of those…wow-gee-remember-when-I-could-draw days just remember that perfection in art is most definitely attainable but you have to take a couple steps back to really truly see your art for the holistic experience that it is.


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