Nostalgic Times

Now what I’m about to say might make people want to put up their fisticuffs and run up and punch me but EHHHHHHHHH I just watched an entire season of Daredevil so I guess–BRING IT ON. I mean, can you blame me?

Alright, let’s get to it!

Nostalgia, we all know it to be that feeling that you have for something in the past, something more golden than present times, more…wonderful. Now nostalgia only exists within our perception of the past because in reality the past was probably just as golden and wonderful as the present the only difference residing in the fact that the past and those experiences have been given time to age and take on the golden-y hue that appeals to us.


Nostalgia has been part of our being. It’s something we look to for hope, inspiration and guidance. Nostalgia can be important when creating works of art in order to draw inspiration and create something new but lately I’ve been seeing a lot of nostalgia being used as a formula for creation.
Like on an assembly line, nostalgia is used as blueprints and we churn out our creations identically.



Of course there’s nothing wrong with this type of creation but more and more I am seeing processed nostalgia more as a business model. It’s true. Nostalgia sells! Simple sells! Sex sells! All of that, but creation shouldn’t only be about the money. When we take hours, months, years trying to formulate our ideas and concepts onto any type of medium we should be driven by our own ambition, by the prospect of success, and most importantly the overwhelming yearning to tell our stories.


Alas, that’s not how the world works, but….I’d like to believe that the creators that create to pursue their true truths outweigh the business people that stripped down games and cartoons in order to appeal to the masses.


Speak Up!

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