Out of Space Process

So this week since I’ve been focusing a lot of my energy drawing, writing, and breathing Out of Space comic I figure it would be nice to show you guys my process works out. Now, just so you know everyone is different and we’re all entitiled to our own way of doing things. This is merely my own process.

First, I start out with the idea. The concept of Space Unicorn has always been running around in my mind ever since I made the first comic of it.

It started out on a limb when I was getting some advice from a cartoonist, so I drew out my idea implementing their technique which I now use in all my comic endeavors, but I’ll go into that in more detail later.

Second, with my idea in mind I start to write the script, or at least plan out some kind of dialogue. For a prospectively long and story-oriented series such as Out of Space I’ve finally taken the time to write an full script along with character planning sheets. basicSUdesc
All of this, the character planning sheets, scripts, and even floor plans have been pretty new to me since I’ve never put this much behind-the-scenes thought and effort into a comic before. This is definitely a first time for me and it’s definitely a lot of work that I’m still getting used to but the pay-off is so wonderful.

Just the other day, I was writing a really emotional scene and I just was so overwhelmed and felt so swept up in all of the character’s emotions and feelings I had to take a break from writing for a little. Now, maybe I might just be a little emotional as a person, in general but I’d like to believe that it’s because, unlike my other creative endeavors, the characters have been planned out and some-what developed. I’m still working out the details on Solis and some details about Space Unicorn that I’m still working out.

Now for the actual story boarding. I’ll show you what I mean using the Episode 2 script that I wrote. Ep2scriptYou can see that the heading is purple which is just an indicator for me that it’s been published already so I don’t confuse where I’m at in the story with what I’ve published and what I’ve written.
I’m sure that I don’t write scripts correctly or with the correct formatting but like I said before we’re all different and this works for me.
P1, P2, P3…” is an indicator I made up to help me visualize and categorize the actions happening in each panel. Most of the time the script is a guideline for me since the visual you want might shift and change as you actually draw it out but for the most part the dialog stays the same

When I draw out the initial sketch I use pencil and I lay a grid underneath to make sure that my lines are straight and I can maintain size continuity as best as I can. The grid I use is just regular graph paper which is nice because graph paper is the same size as the paper I work on (7”x11” printer paper.)epsketch001



I write little notes to myself in the margins since Tapastic’s size requirements are pretty narrow and when I ink I can maybe clear up some details that are unclear.

I ink using a fine point Sharpie on a light-box, nothing too fancy. Sharpies have a habit of bleeding through the page but for my purposes, they work!epsketch002



Then, I take the scanned image into PaintToolSai to make small edits. For this episode I had to do a lot of coloring in for the parts that are supposed to be space. For upcoming episodes hopefully there won’t be too much digital editing.

Finally I put it through Photoshop CS5 so I can write in the dialogue using a font I specially created via MyScriptFont.com since I know my handwriting is atrocious.

And that’s essentially it! There’s nothing special to my process, no late night walks on the moon or special tea brew that wakes up my creativity just a disciplined writing and a lot of support from all of you!

You can find the final product here and feel free to subscribe to the series, like, and share as you wish!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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