MMW: [Bambi by Tokyo Police Club]

MMVBambiAs always, the lyrics to Bambi by Tokyo Police Club

Heyyyyyyy, this looks pretty–sketchy…to me… HAH. ahem. Yup. I’ve been at this for about a week, and  I think it’s pretty complete, don’t you? …If you said “no,” well, wrong answer bub.

I’ve been thinkin……..when school start I won’t have as much free to draw as I’ve been able to these past few months… so expect less updates and less…quality (hahaha) for the entire school year. Not to mention this is also my senior year of high school so I’ll be busy with college applications and that whole mess. Yaaaaaaaaaaay…ugh.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting all the work I do! I’ll probably be active on twitter (@jubnuggets) if you still wanna see art and other shenanigans.

Alright well, see ya kiddos later!


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