MMW: [Make This Leap by The Hunts]

mmwmakethisleap00 mmwmakthisleap01mmwmakthisleap02panel four reference credit: Esty Ilabaca/Mercury Press

Heyo! Check out Make this Leap by the Hunts, their song lyrics belong to them, of course, but I own my illustrations and creative interpretation!

Also, just to update ya’ll, I added a submission request box under the “Inspired Beats” tab for Mark My Word inspiration as well as a playlist with featured MMW songs that I’ve done in the past (if they are available on Spotify.)
Clicking the “Inspired Beats” tab will still take you to my personal, constantly changing playlist that I jam to in the car or while I work. Ya’ll are also welcome to follow my Spotify for constant updates about music I’m listening to and access to ALL the playlists I’ve made (even the one compiling ALL the songs I’ve found about/for/by robots)Screenshot 2016-01-03 11.20.58


I’m finally back after an unexpected, unofficial hiatus with a few changes to the way I blog and the manner of which I blog. More details about that in a later, fully fleshed out post.
Have a great week everyone!!


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