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A little background about upcoming and featured guest bloggers. Enjoy!


Hi everyone, my name is Gabby and I am Vian’s friend, partner-in-crime and fellow anime freak. I am also an artistic contributor to JubNuggets, all thanks to her gracious invitation.
I first discovered the world of anime/manga while watching “Fruits Basket” by Natsuki Takaya on Netflix one summer. During the first episode, my emotions ranged from mildly amused to extreme confusion to sarcastic contempt. I remember wondering why I was even watching such a stupid show. But, as all anime do, the episode ended at a horrible cliff hanger. I suddenly found that I HAD to watch the rest, come what may.
Even though this was my first experience with anime, my real motivation to start drawing in the Japanese manga style began while reading several manga series. Oftentimes, I really enjoyed the author’s commentary sidebars that were scattered throughout the volumes, especially the stressful stories about reaching art deadlines, working till 3 am and crashing on the floor, pen still in hand. The whole process sounded so cool that I decided to try it for myself.
In order to get my start, I begged my parents to buy me “How to Draw” by American graphic novelist Mark Crilley, a how-to book on the basics of manga. Within weeks I was drawing characters and learning all about manga illustration techniques. After finishing the book, I continued to develop my art independently by studying other manga art styles, referring to online tutorials and YouTube videos, and drawing a whole lot.
Feel free to send in requests anytime!

AMANDA BENNET (AKA: Manderz Danger)

Meet Manderz Danger Bennett, Amanda Bennett’s vivacious alter ego and wonderful artist extraordinaire.

Amanda above

Amanda Bennett explained to me that Danger had not always been so vocal in her life, but always led her hands in the ways of magical art proficiency, something I became quite aware was accurate upon her showing me a few pieces from her current year of artwork, from what she calls the “ 2013 Moon Children collection.”
If you’d like to see more of Danger’s art or hire her for an illustration or possible commission of any sort email her at mrs.pandamanda@gmail.com


My name is Sharon, I’m 43 and I’m a full-time Mom to three kids.  I love to write and have penned a novel (and another one on the way!), which, sadly, was not very good.  Hopefully the next one will be better.  I indulge my more casual writing on the internet by blogging about my daughter, the teenage autistic artist.  My other kids are pretty great, too.  I have a son at Westwood who is in Vian’s speech class, or so I’m told. Ellie is 13, and is the most interesting person I know.
(Note: You can follow Sharon and Ellie’s blog, website,  and Facebook page)


Hi, my name is David. I have drawn for as long as I can remember. Every paper I got had some little doodle or marking on it. I didn’t realize how much people liked the drawings and little doodles until other people told me to “hit them up with that”, or simply, “Hey bro, I want that tattooed on me, let me get a copy”. Ever since this started happening I became obsessed with tattoos, tattoo artist, and the meanings behind them. One of my friends told me about Mister Cartoon, who I instantly became a fan of. His passion and drive for his art, also translated into a lot of everyday struggles that people faced in some sort of point in time. He became my role model, soon after this I looked into more L.A based artists and found out about Jun Cha, Jose Lopez, Jhonny Opina and other really great artists with sort of explicit past. Seeing this, I instantly knew I fell in this category. Looking more further into the tattoo, I looked at the religious history of a piece and the original artist, or where the idea of the tattoo came from. I also saw a lot of Greek and Roman art work, statues and artists. Michelangelo was the first artist that I fell in love with. His sculptures inspired many, including me. and I always found it fascinating that one man was able to accomplish so much with very little, even if his tools weren’t the best. I fell in love with the fact that you don’t need the fanciest tools to make the most beautiful piece of art, and I was blessed to see the fact in action multiple times when my friends made home-made tattoos with almost out of nothing. All you really need is the drive and motivation for it.


Hello! My name is Chris a.k.a. Super Loofs, I met Vian at school and I used to draw comics for/with her but then I moved, OH NO! Through my first semester I gave up drawing and focused on making friends, however I am extremely awkward with people I don’t know and now I’m back to drawing!
My style is very cartoon-y since it is so clean and very smooth, like me ;), to draw. I have arthritis in my hands, and pretty much everywhere else but I try to have fun with drawing anyways. I promised Vian she would get some comics in the future so be looking forward to that! Also feel free to stalk… Uhh… I mean follow… me on Twitter @FirebenderChris THANKS and may the doodles be ever in your favor!


Hi hi! Name’s Krithi, and I’m a watercolor artist and fan artist who likes brains, Pokemon, and books by authors who have been dead for a at least a few decades. I can safely claim, with sufficient justification (I have numbers), that art is in practically the entire cortex of my brain. When I was in preschool I remember rewriting the endings of fairy tales and drawing pictures of the much more pleasant alternate conclusions on the back of old school assignments, which I would promptly tape on the wall next to my bed. I drew dogs without ears back then, but I promise they kind of looked like dogs. Kind of. Maybe. I don’t remember. But it was a start.
Since then I have imitated and experimented with styles and techniques. I’ve sprained my hand many times, lost my tablet stylus many more times, and once tore a muscle in my left shoulder. Somehow. To me art is an experience that has profoundly affected my whole life. I’ve learned to appreciate nature, to be humble and accept critique, and to see inspiration in others’ art rather than dejection.
The only advice I feel like I should give to prospective artists is to draw every day no matter how you feel. This is advice I’d give to any artist, really. Make art because you want to calm down. Make art that challenges your skill. Make art makes you feel proud of your work. But just keep making art. There are no shortcuts to improvement and I don’t think I can say that any artist I know has taken one. My take on it is that if I’m never going to be the best, at least I can always get better.
Also, do hand stretches often. I don’t care how silly it sounds, you should all stretch your hands. You don’t what to risk what happens if you don’t.


Hey guys! My name is Kavya and I’m a fellow student at Westwood as well as a friend/fan of Vian’s. I started drawing and painting when I was 3 and have experimented with all sorts of media in my short yet satisfying life. My favorite thing in the world is to sit down with some good paper and some prismacolors and draw what I see. I love taking realistic things that when combined created something completely different and meaningful. Art is my passion and yay for Vian and her amazing blog!


Hi! I’m Megan and I like warm hugs!
Just kidding, I have a huge issue about personal space.
Anyway, I am a friend of Vian’s, and I can’t really draw, but I do like video games. Vian wants me to contribute to society by sharing pictures of my work on Minecraft (and yes, I still play that game). I typically do houses with fun interior designing and create my own furniture using magic, imagination, and creativity. I wanted to share something I think is one of my best works though, so I chose a creation that actually has almost no furniture in it. I made this on a public creative server (play.buildersunite.net) and I was inspired by the Disney movie, “Frozen.” I am pretty obsessed with this movie, and I know almost all the songs from my C.D. that I listen to on average of 10,000 times a day. Idina Menzel makes me cry tears of joy.

More bloggers in the future.

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